Agenda Automation

Optimize and digitize your end-to-end agenda management process.


Automate Your Agenda Management Process

Get Started the Right Way

Manage agenda items from beginning to end and track them throughout the entire journey.

Agenda and Packet Generation

  • Customized templates you can update yourself while retaining their existing look and feel.
  • Customized forms and workflows for agenda item submission and approval.


  • Strong Microsoft Word integration: upload images and tables, track changes, and collaborate in real time.
  • Laserfiche, Zoom, YouTube, Office365 SSO, and Google SSO integrations.

Public Meeting Portal

  • Multilingual translation options for increased accessibility.
  • Upcoming meeting detail and documents.
  • Access to item associated documents from the published HTML agenda.
  • Historical meeting record.
  • Full meeting document search, including attachments.


  • Search by different parameters.
  • Software highlights searched text in all the supporting documents.
  • Full meeting document search, including attachments.

Item Creation

  • Redacting items, internal comments, tracking work, version control.
  • Microsoft office 365 integration – no need to download documents for editing.

Publish and Compile

  • Quickly compile large documents.
  • Automatic system detection of corrupted documents before publishing.
  • Upload, and publish of large meeting documents, in HTML and PDF formats.

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