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Introducing New CRO Tom Duncan


Introducing Tom Duncan, Rock Solid Technology’s New CRO

As PrimeGov becomes part of Rock Solid Technologies to support our larger vision to bridge the gap between local government officials and residents, we are proud to introduce Tom Duncan as the new CRO. Tom brings in a wealth of experience in building and […]


Collaborative Meeting Documents

Streamline your public meeting workflow with Word Collaboration The need to move items quickly through multiple users during workflow is a challenge PrimeGov understands well. When prepping for a public meeting, keeping information up to date and collaborating together while still meeting tight deadlines is high on everyone’s priority list.   PrimeGov introduces […]


Feature Release: Sequential Numbering

Resolution & Ordinance Numbers Made Easy

The Challenge When meeting items are voted on and resolved, they are typically assigned an ordinance or resolution number. Previously those numbers would be managed and tracked outside of the PrimeGov system, often leaving clerks scrounging for the previous number used to apply it […]


Feature Release: Workflows

Workflows Just Got Upgraded

Workflows exist to create an environment where people can do their best work, and with this latest release, PrimeGov customers now have a number of additional, exciting options in their  workflow builder. These features will help local governments address more complex workflow needs and continue to optimize their […]

Local Government

American Rescue Plan Act

The American Rescue Plan Act and Technology: A Guide for Local Government

For over a year now, local government has played a critical role in helping communities through the pandemic. From the earliest stages of transitioning to remote government to the present distribution of vaccines and easing of lockdowns, local government leaders and staff […]

Go beyond the vote

One Year Out: 5 Things to Know About Running for Office

If you’ve had a chance to listen to the Go Beyond the Vote podcast recently, you know that we’ve been in conversation with some truly inspirational people about civic engagement, and specifically about the need for more diverse voices in local government. […]


Primegov And Rock Solid Technology Come Together To Amplify And Transform Civic Engagement

We are proud to announce that PrimeGov is joining forces with Rock Solid Technology to enhance the future of civic engagement and digital transformation of local government.   PrimeGov and Rock Solid Technologies’ leadership brings decades of dedicated local government experience. We now have the opportunity to provide new capabilities to facilitate every step of the legislative management process […]

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