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6 Ways to Change Residents' Perception of Local Government

6 Ways to Change Residents’ Perception of Local Government

The average citizen is often intimidated by the idea of interacting with government. That sense of intimidation can come from a number of different places, including prior experience, the persistent stereotype of “red tape,” expectations of painful bureaucracy, differing political […]

Go beyond the vote

How A Mother, Educator, And Activist Decided To Run For School Board

Annie Warshaw is a candidate for Skokie School Board District 68 in Illinois. She is a former teacher, an entrepreneur, a community activist, and an adjunct professor of Gender Studies. She aims to create policies that expand the district’s equity […]

Local Government

13 Ways to Get Involved in Your Local Government

Our previous post, 25 reasons why you should get involved with your local government, received a tremendous response from the community. We also received a multitude of follow up questions; and one of the recurring questions echoed by various constituents was, “How do I get involved in the local government?”    In […]

Go beyond the vote

25 Reasons Why You Should Get Involved with Your Local Government

Democracy has long been a defining value in the United States. Now that the presidential election is over and our democracy is intact, what can you do as a constituent to stay involved and to make sure that your voice […]


PrimeGov Recognized Among Top Ten Government Tech Startups

PrimeGov, a provider of legislative management solution for local governments, is ecstatic to announce that we are recognized as one of the Top 10 Government Tech Startups by Government CIO Outlook. The list includes startups that are at the forefront of providing technology solutions for the local government.   “This honor is a testament of how we achieve our mission to empower […]

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