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“We needed a product that our users embrace and find efficient, where they don’t need to call IT for support. They need to be able to understand what’s going on with an agenda item, where it’s at, and they need to know how to move their process onto the next step with ease,” said John. “Your product nailed that. The way you guys built it, you guys knew how the clerks think [...] I felt that we had a light at the end of the tunnel when we found you, so I’m thankful we have found you."

John Lin, IT Manager | County of Ventura, CA

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“The PrimeGov program offered our city the best solution to automating our agenda management, committee management, and constituent ease of use. Internally, the program will save vast amounts of time for staff in preparing agendas."

Jesse Guillen, Legislative Liaison | Santa Fe, NM

"When I came into my new role, we were doing things the traditional way, and my inbox will get filled up quickly because different departments were forwarding emails to me for what they wanted on their agenda, including staff reports. The back and forth emails were adding more work than necessary to accomplish a task. We wanted something where we didn't have to go through that process and individuals, can directly put what they need on the agenda because it helps with accuracy. Also, initially, we did not have a system on the agenda side. We had to put information in several different places before and after the meeting.

After implementing PrimeGov, all the information would already be at one location for all the departments making it more manageable and easy to publish to all the other platforms such as our website. PrimeGov helped us streamline our processes with a complete end-to-end solution."

Andrea Alexander, City Clerk | City of Lancaster, CA

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