Video Streaming

Provide livestreamed and on-demand recordings of public meetings and events.


Video Streaming Process Simplified

Get Started the Right Way

Get citizens involved in the democratic process with live stream videos and on-demand recordings of public meetings and events.

Agenda Parser

  • Import MS Word files to provide agenda content in OneMeeting.
  • Drag and drop supporting documents.


  • YouTube video streaming.
  • Fully responsive multibit rate video ensures no buffering.

Closed Captioning

  • Small non-proprietary encoder.
  • Next day closed captioning at no cost.


  • HD and ADA compliant.

Live Video Streaming

  • Full 1080p HD video capability at no additional cost.
  • Live video streaming, including timestamps recording to produce an indexed video where the agenda is imported.
  • Virtual meeting support via Zoom integration.

Public Meeting Portal

  • Upcoming meeting detail and documents.
  • Historical record of meetings, including links to videos.
  • Full text search of indexed meeting videos and supporting documents.
  • Advanced search parameters.
  • Seamlessly embed into existing site.

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